my second phase

It happened in the year 2010. I was 15 years old then . I created my first Facebook account accidentally just to add a man called steve leighton from his website about vampires . I knew he was a hoax but i wanted to know his views anyways as there would be no harm done.

It was of no use as the man was clearly out of his mind .My search began again for almost another year when i finally came across a profile called seth stridon. I felt myself being drawn to him like i have known him for ages . I could feel energy his energy like i know it . U may thing me daft but for people who knows about psychic abilities or auras they would understand what i mean . So i immediately sent him friend request and a while passed so i forgot about it.

Until one afternoon when i was on Facebook again i saw a notification that seth has accepted my friend request . So i went out to check his profile and there were not many posts or any pics of him but simply  stories of adam and eve , cain and lilith etc and birthday greetings and people addressing him out of respect . I knew i finally hit the jackpot.

Because i could feel his energy coming out of his posts and i knew he was real . I can’t say how but i felt myself lucky that he accepted my friend request and i was scared a bit to talk to him as he was a stranger logically though his energy meant like i knew him. I did not think that  he would talk to someone insignificant teen like me and he also had a selective list of few friends .

Days passed and i forgot about it as i became busy with my studies. One day finally when i opened Facebook and was chatting with my college friends my chat box popped up with a new message from seth -“Hello child its time that we met each other .”


my first weird journey to where i stand

I start this blog so that i can reveal my feelings and secrets of my philosophies ,hurdles and spirituality that i can’t speak out to others .

Being a single female child i was guarded fiercely by my parents . I wasn’t even allowed a tour with my friends all my school. My parents loved me but we had a communication gap . I wanted freedom but they wanted me in their sight . i know they love me so i put up with it as long as i knew .

I don’t remember when it happened  perhaps when i was quiet young .I used to feel strange shadows all around me and had a constant feeling of being watched over . I was quiet spiritual girl and was into something my peers did not understand . I wanted to understand nature and the cosmic laws . I was not into cosmetics or any girly stuff but was always in deep thoughts,books,Tv or into video games. Social life was unbearable .Outside i had to put a mask of being interested in something i was not which kinda became a habit.

Come on i can’t be the only one who does it. I always wondered if there was out someone like me .But since i was not even in my teens when i had these thoughts i considered myself unusual and can’t reveal what i think to others . It made me kinda lonely though i was with people . But this did not stop my quest for supernatural stuff.

I always believed in vampires,immortality,fairies …. anything u name it .  And i used a research a lot about them . I always wondered why i was so much into something i was not supposed to do for my age . But that did not alter my beliefs and it happened till i reached the age of 15 when i finally met him.It was then that my world has turned upside down.