I start this blog so that i can reveal my feelings and secrets of my philosophies ,hurdles and spirituality that i can’t speak out to others .

Being a single female child i was guarded fiercely by my parents . I wasn’t even allowed a tour with my friends all my school. My parents loved me but we had a communication gap . I wanted freedom but they wanted me in their sight . i know they love me so i put up with it as long as i knew .

I don’t remember when it happened  perhaps when i was quiet young .I used to feel strange shadows all around me and had a constant feeling of being watched over . I was quiet spiritual girl and was into something my peers did not understand . I wanted to understand nature and the cosmic laws . I was not into cosmetics or any girly stuff but was always in deep thoughts,books,Tv or into video games. Social life was unbearable .Outside i had to put a mask of being interested in something i was not which kinda became a habit.

Come on i can’t be the only one who does it. I always wondered if there was out someone like me .But since i was not even in my teens when i had these thoughts i considered myself unusual and can’t reveal what i think to others . It made me kinda lonely though i was with people . But this did not stop my quest for supernatural stuff.

I always believed in vampires,immortality,fairies …. anything u name it .  And i used a research a lot about them . I always wondered why i was so much into something i was not supposed to do for my age . But that did not alter my beliefs and it happened till i reached the age of 15 when i finally met him.It was then that my world has turned upside down.


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